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D'Impian Agro Farm
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Shafiq HaikalShafiq Haikal
05:33 29 Feb 24
Alhamdulillah, our family was satisfied with our tour at the dream agro farm. The perfect place to relax with family and children to get to know nature and animals/plants 👍 Honestly, the goat talam rice set is solid and worth it! Coach Bahar is very friendly & treats guests sincerely. May Coach Bahar & Team continue to prosper, amen 🤲🏻
Badrul HisamBadrul Hisam
04:41 29 Feb 24
Alhamdulillah the environment is very interesting and the food is delicious and cheap ... the host is very friendly and welcoming
MashaALLAH.. It's really delicious... It's worth coming here 👍👍👍👍
Aiman RashidAiman Rashid
02:57 29 Feb 24
A great place for a family vacation
Umairah JeffryUmairah Jeffry
02:54 29 Feb 24
Nur amirah Mohd yazizNur amirah Mohd yaziz
03:35 22 Feb 24
Nice place to experience here especially for kids..also have restaurant to eat fresh product..can drink fresh melon juice.
Great experience! Fantastic hospitality
Asma RasdiAsma Rasdi
03:32 22 Feb 24
Attractive place. If you want to see animal husbandry, agriculture, if you want to study or if you want to go for a walk, you can come here..
ibnu abdullahibnu abdullah
02:45 21 Feb 24
Siti Hajar KhamisSiti Hajar Khamis
09:56 20 Feb 24
Great experience! Hope we can see more animals in future.
Aina NajwaAina Najwa
13:23 07 Feb 24
A must-visit place to enjoy the uniqueness of agro in the village area, get the experience of visiting a mini zoo and glamping site.
Celebrated mom's birthday here and of course some BBQ 😋 good facilities and services (read: camping vibe, please understand). So many animals, and they will add some more species. Do come visit and support local ❤️🇲🇾 Overall, we are satisfied. Thanks D'Impian Agro Farm! As long as our mom happy, we do too! 🥰
Nurizzah KhusainiNurizzah Khusaini
11:29 27 Sep 23
There’s no staff at the counter when we came, so I need to call the office and they came asap. The staff name najwa is very polite, friendly, kind and explain everything to my parents with detailed and understandable. The staff at the chillies section also kind, the only info i got about him that he studied in kuantan if I’m not mistaken. They also shared their experience and it’s quite interesting. The cafe’s good and quite pricey but it’s fine. There’s not many choices but i think that’s also fine. They have mee bandung in the menu but today they don’t have it. The dessert section is good. They also sell frozen things and from the farm, you can buy those. There’s also list of coffee which attract my attention. It’s also a good place to have family day here cause the glamping can fit to 4 people. Lastly, Please wear and bring cap, portable fan, umbrella.Food: 8/10Animals: 10/10Staff: 9/10
syarifah fatimahsyarifah fatimah
06:43 31 Aug 23
Nice place. Nice workerGot glampingLittle swimming poolOstrich, rabbit, goat, sheep, horse, cow,OrchardRm15 for adultsRm10 for childrenCan visit their Facebook to know more
Sukha LingSukha Ling
11:13 31 Jan 23
very nice farm tour guide, feed animals, take pictures and lead us to visit the camp site. The melon so sweet, must try!gt space for wedding and family gathering with reasonable price

Nombor Hoteline D’Impian Agro Farm

018–873 5655 (Lawatan/ Tempahan Glamping Campsite)
014-504 4905 (Lawatan/ Tempahan Glamping Campsite)
WHATSAPP – 018-873 5655



No. 234, Jalan Muar-Batu Pahat, Kampung Sungai Belukang, Sri Menanti,
83600 Muar, Johor Malaysia.

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